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COVID19 Vaccine Registration Guide for Qatar

COVID-19 vaccine registration guide in English, Urdu, Tamil, Sinhala and Hindi. More languages coming soon!

Click on one of above links to read the vaccination registration guide in your preferred language with screenshots!

The government of the State of Qatar launched a website to register for the free national vaccination drive. However, a significant portion of the population may lack the technical know-how to register themselves. This project aims to bridge this gap and provide easy-to-follow instructions with screenshots for people to register themselves in multiple languages.

Seeking translations for Malayalam, Nepali, Bengali and Swahili.

If you would like to contribute to the guide by correcting existing translations or creating translations in other languages, please reach out at <at>

Updated on April 7th, 2021: Added Hindi guide, corrections for Tamil and Sinhala guides, and minor fixes for the rest.


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